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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Whether you want to be a lawyer, a judge, a city manager, a state legislator, a school board member, a US Senator, a foreign diplomat, or the head of a non-profit agency, our program will provide you with the knowledge and the skills you need to be successful. Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science prepares you to continue your study in a graduate or professional program or find an exciting career in the field of your choice.

We believe that the combination of theory and practice best prepares you for the legal or political world. That's why our curriculum grounds you in political philosophy while it builds your research skills, and why it provides general knowledge about political science while it allows you to focus on a specialized area of interest. To help put theory into practice, you will have the chance to couple your classroom experience with internships to give you hands-on learning opportunities. We want you to leave your FHSU experience understanding politics from the local to the global arena, ready to make a difference by tackling complex issues in today's society.

Program Requirements Overview

General Education Requirements: 55 Credit Hours
Modern Language Requirements: 10 Credit Hours
Political Science Core Courses: 22 Credit Hours
Political Science Concentration Courses: 15 Credit Hours
Free Electives: 22 Credit Hours

*Free Electives Not Included

Website: Department Homepage

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