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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)

If you have a passion for learning, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to explore a subject matter in greater depth, the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) is a unique, flexible degree program designed to meet your personal and educational goals. With many online courses and concentration areas to choose from, Fort Hays State University makes it easier for you to balance work and personal commitments to achieve your goals. But, what does "liberal studies" mean? Liberal studies means providing you the opportunity to systematically explore a wide realm of knowledge and wisdom to help you better understand yourself, others, and the world around you. Liberal studies focus on intellectual, social, and moral growth and helps foster your love of learning. The 10-hour core curriculum is designed to address these goals in different ways and provide you the foundation you need to more deeply explore a specific area of concentration. Select an area of concentration from the list below. We are trying to discourage custom programs of study in the MLS...faculty advisors just aren't available for them like they were when the program started. 

• Concentrations

Required Courses:

Core Courses ( Introduction to Liberal Education): 10 Credit Hours
Area of Concentration: 18 Credit Hours
Culmination Experience: 3 Credit Hours
Comprehensive Examination


Program Overview

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Fort Hays State University
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Hays, KS 67601-4099
Phone: (785) 628-5578
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