Vice President for Student Affairs

The Military Friendly Committee has a mission of improving the student veteran experience at FHSU. The committee seeks out new ways to support this population of our students which may have specialized needs. In all aspects of student life, from financial support services to counseling and mentoring, the Military Friendly Committee strives to enrich the student experience for the FHSU military veteran population.

2017-18 Committee:

Shirley Bader

Emily Brandt (s)

Kelsi Broadway

Robyn Brungardt

Elizabeth Chance

Joe Chretien

Maggie Denning

Kathryn Erk

Clayton Howard

Dr. Seth Kastle, Chair

Dr. Dennis King

Dr. Paul Lucas

Dr. Kenton Olliff

Kenton Russell

Carol Solko-Olliff

Debbie Staab

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