Vice President for Student Affairs 

Student Health Advisory Committee

Recommends new policies or changes for the Student Health Office and makes recommendations on items affecting health care of students.  Also coordinates programs and events to promote awareness of healthful activities for students, faculty, and staff and serves as a clearinghouse for wellness information.



Sara Brungardt

Tim Davis

Natasha Dewald

Traci Ditter

Robert Duffy

David Fitzhugh

Abbie Gaylord (s)

Jason Graham

Carla Hattan

Brad Haynes

Melanie Heimerman

Christine Hober

Melissa Hunsicker-Walburn

Taylor Kisner (s)

Kevin Klug (s)

Dorothy Knoll, Chairman

Glen McNeil

Helen Miles

Kenton Olliff

Dallas Richards

Carol Solko-Olliff

Anita Walters

(s) student representative




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