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Benefits of Workday

  • Intuitive & flexible: Its web-based, searchable, object-oriented design makes it easy to perform tasks and access information throughout Workday.
  • Unified system: Workday brings FHSU's legacy administrative systems together into a single portal, allowing real-time data and processes to work together and enhancing organizational efficiency and communication.
  • Cloud-based & mobile-friendly: Access Workday 24/7 from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Designed for the future: Workday is configurable, allowing a single system to meet the needs of all its customers and eliminating the need for them to maintain hard-coded changes following upgrades. This "single codeline" (single version) design allows Workday to simultaneously deploy major updates to all customers twice a year, along with weekly service updates. Focusing on single-version development and using continuous deployment enables Workday to be more responsive to evolving customer needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Secure & reliable: Workday utilizes rigorous security safeguards. Because all customers are always on the same software version, Workday can quickly respond to security threats by pushing security updates to their entire customer base. Workday operates on a unified security model, which includes user access, system integration, reporting, mobile device, and IT access.
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