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Workday Frequently Asked Questions

When prompted, enter your TigerNetID username and password to open or download resources listed on this page. If you have not yet activated your TigerNetID or if you don't know your TigerNetID username and password, see the TigerNetID page to activate or recover your TigerNetID login.

About Workday

What is Workday?

Workday is an innovative, cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that combines administrative applications into a unified system, delivered through a flexible, user-friendly interface.

Workday is currently replacing FHSU's Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, and Student Admissions & Recruiting systems, streamlining previous business processes and enabling these functions to communicate seamlessly. Future implementations are also in progress for other administrative systems.

Unlike Fort Hays State's legacy system - which was mainframe-based and relied on intensive manual and paper processes - Workday leverages a modern technology platform. This will provide FHSU with greater access to information, implement more efficient processes, and conserve paper.

What can I do in Workday?

Workday provides employee self-service functionality, so you can change information such as your home address, phone, mobile phone, email, emergency contact, W-4 withholding allowances, and payroll direct deposit accounts. You can also view information such as your pay stubs, benefit elections, and tax elections. For instructions for some of the most common activities in Workday, see the Employee How-To Guides and Videos page.

Who can use Workday?

All FHSU employees can access Workday after activating their TigerNetID login. This includes faculty, staff, Virtual College instructors, adjuncts, temporary employees, and student employees. Student employees who have a '.se' account should log in to Workday using their regular student TigerNetID account (without the '.se').

Security roles in Workday control what each person can view, what actions can be taken, and where tasks are routed for review/approval.

Do I have to use Workday?

Yes. All FHSU employees are required to use Workday to enter their time worked, request travel, submit expenses for reimbursement, and update their personal Profile information (address, phone number, etc.). View other activities you can do in Workday.

Is training required?

Yes. All FHSU employees are required to complete basic training for entering their time worked, requesting travel, and submitting expenses for reimbursement. Some employees will be required to complete additional training for administrative Human Resource and Finance tasks.

Following training, you can refer to How-To Guides and Videos, procedure documents and other helpful resources by clicking on the Training and Resources tab on the left side of this page. You will be prompted to enter your TigerNetID username and password to access the resources.

Is my information in Workday secure?

Yes. It is protected by a secure connection, the same protection used for online financial transactions. Your information is safe whether accessed within the University's environment or from another web connection. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to protect your passwords and your personal information.

Accessing Workday

How do I sign in to Workday?

To access Workday, go to and sign in using your TigerNetID username and password. Student employees who have a '.se' account should log in to Workday using their regular student TigerNetID account (without the '.se').

When typing the address into a browser, you must type the entire address exactly as shown above (including the 'www' and 'fhsu'). Links to Workday are conveniently located directly on the FHSU home page and under the Faculty/Staff tab. For assistance signing in to Workday, see the Sign in to Workday HOW-TO GUIDE.

What is my TigerNetID?

Your TigerNetID is your official FHSU login used for accessing email, Workday, and other FHSU systems. For help with your TigerNetID login, see the TigerNetID page or contact TigerTech.

When is Workday available?

Workday is available at all hours except Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, during which time Workday is unavailable due to regular system updates.

What browser should I use to access Workday?

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Workday. Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari may also be used. See the Workday Browser Support Policy for additional information. [To view this page, click on Request new password to set up a Workday Community login; please allow 1-2 business days for approval.]

Can I use Workday on a Mac?

Yes, you can use Workday on a PC or Mac using a supported browser.

Will I be able to access Workday on a mobile device?

Yes. See the Mobile Access page to view instructions for installing and using Workday's mobile app.

Getting Started as a New Employee in Workday

When will I be able to access Workday?

As soon as you receive an email notification instructing you to complete Onboarding, you can begin using Workday. For assistance signing in to Workday, see the Sign in to Workday HOW-TO GUIDE.

Can I complete my new hire information in Workday before my first day of work with the University?

Yes, we encourage new faculty, staff and other employees to complete their Onboarding steps in Workday prior to their first day of work. For more information, see the FHSU Employee Onboarding HOW-TO GUIDE or the FHSU Student Employee Onboarding HOW-TO GUIDE.

Before your first day, you can enter your personal information (ie., marital status, ethnicity), contact information, emergency contacts, federal tax elections, and your payment elections (direct deposit).

On or shortly after your first day, you will need to meet with your respective HR representative to finish your I-9 and benefit elections, if applicable.

Your Personal Information in Workday

How do I see my current benefit elections?

For step by step instructions, see the View or Change Your Benefits HOW-TO GUIDE or the Changing Benefits VIDEO. If you have any questions regarding your benefits, please contact your Human Resource Specialist.

When I make changes in Workday, when do they take effect?

For changes that do not require review and approval, your changes will take effect immediately. For changes which require approval, this will depend on timelines built into the business process you are completing.

How do I update my personal Profile information?

For step by step instructions, see the Change Your Personal Information HOW-TO GUIDE.

What if my personal information is wrong in Workday?

All employee information in the online Campus Directory comes from Workday. Depending on the desired update, the employee can update their Contact information in Workday (some updates require approval) or contact the Human Resource Office for assistance in making your change. Your Department or Division HR Partner can also assist you in correcting your information or will direct your question to the appropriate FHSU team member.

Your Pay Information in Workday

How do I enter my time worked?

For step by step instructions, visit the Time Tracking and Time Off Resources page or the Employee How-To-Guides and Videos page and view the Timesheet Entry HOW-TO GUIDES or VIDEOS that apply to you.

When are the payslips available?

Payslips are available in Workday the day after the payroll has been processed. For instructions, see the View and Print a Payslip HOW-TO GUIDE.

How long will it take before my W-4 change takes effect?

W-4 changes take effect in your next payroll cycle.

Once I enter my direct deposit account information, how long until it takes effect?

It will become effective the beginning of the next payroll period.

How do I find my bank routing number and checking account number?

Your bank routing number is the first string of nine numbers at the bottom of your check. Your account number is the second string of numbers.

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