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Are you exploring your major options, looking to confirm the major you are currently pursuing, assessing your current academic situation or wanting to take courses as a non-degree seeking student? If so, then the Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center (AACE) is the place for you to go. AACE serves exploratory majors, non-degree seeking students, students looking to confirm their current major, and students who are on academic probation and academic suspension. The Center is also a great advising resource for faculty advisors and staff. AACE can help you:

  • Explore your options for choosing a major
  • Review academic progress reports midway in the semesters
  • Understand the general education requirements
  • Plan your semester schedules and pre-enroll
  • Understand university policies
  • Locate appropriate offices for tutoring, counseling or other assistance

Contact our office to schedule an appointment with a professional advisor.

The Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center is now on Facebook! The AACE Facebook page offers information about:

  • Career Exploration
  • How to enroll, finalize and add/drop classes
  • How to declare a major
  • FREE workshops offered on-campus


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