Public Health Administration Curriculum

All courses are available through the Virtual College. Please consult with Glen McNeil regarding course availability in specific semesters in order to assemble a program of study. 

CORE (9 hours)     
HHP 815 Research in Health and Human Performance (3)
HHP 825 Statistical Analysis in Health and Human Performance (3)
HHP 610 Global Health (3)
MAJOR (12 hours)
HHP 620 Epidemiology (3)
HHP 615 Environmental Health (3)
HHP 625 Legal Issues in Health Care (3)
HHP 630 Administration in Health Care (3)
ELECTIVES (6 hours)   
Elective courses must be graduate level (600 level and above) and can come from any academic discipline that contributes meaningfully to the student's program of study.  All electives must be approved by the student's advisor. 
PROJECT (3 hours)
HHP 874 Culminating Experience/Internship (3)