The Center for Language and Culture at Fort Hays State University is working hard towards the promotion of foreign cultures and foreign languages on campus, but also off campus in different schools, and in different communities. We organize a serie of different workshops aiming different segments of the population, but we do not limit to what we are doing at the moment. The Center is looking to do this promotion in every possible way, and if you have something in mind for your community that you would like us to help you realize, chances are we could help you realize it!

If you are interested in the development of a workshop with the help of the Center for Language and Culture at Fort Hays state University, do not hesitate to contact us so we could start talking about what you have in mind.

Workshops Available

Faculty Development

This workshop is offered to Faculty and Staff of Fort Hays State University in order to help them in the conceptualization of a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program. This workshop is designed to suit the needs of the Faculty and Staff and can take both forms of a lecture or of an individual coaching. The Center will provide the help and the material necessary to initiate the conceptualization of a program.

If you are interested in developing a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program, please contact us in order to schedule an appointment.

The next Faculty Development lecture about Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs will be held on September 11th (Thursday), at 12pm in the Memorial Union Pioneer Room. Free lunch will be given to the first 40 participants.

Foreign Language


Student Development

The Center offers to the students of Fort Hays State University the opportunity to learn about traveling. Those workshops are organized around the form of an open discussion during which several topics are approached; topics such as general traveling, travel experiences, perks and drawbacks of traveling, and traveling possibilities through Fort Hays State University and the Center for Language and Culture.

If you are interested in your class to learn about traveling, please contact us in order to schedule a workshop.

The next Student Development lecture about traveling will be held on TBD.