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Post-Tenure Review Timelines

See AAUP MOA section X.C. for complete Post-Tenure Review policy.

Timeline PDFs
Cycle 2 (file due March 2018) Cycle 3 (file due March 2019) General Timeline

General Timeline

1. Provost prepares list of faculty members to be reviewed - March 1 (prior to year of review).

2. Dean notifies faculty of review no later than May 15 (prior to year of review).

3. Chair forwards relevant annual evaluations to committee by March 1 (year of review).

4. Faculty submit post-tenure review file to dean by March 1 (year of review).

5. Committee reviews file and issues written statement within 2 weeks of file submission.

6. Candidate may appeal committee findings to dean within 1 week of committee findings.
See MOA X.C.4.

7. If faculty appeals, dean provides written dissent/concurrence within 1 week of appeal.
See MOA X.C.4.

8. Committee forwards file to dean by March 22.

9. Dean completes review by April 10.

10. Summary report due from dean to Provost by May 15.

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