Office of the Provost

Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook Chapter 1 -- General Policies


News Releases and Information

All news concerning the University, faculty, and organizations on the campus is to be released ONLY through the Office of University Relations. This service is maintained to prepare the news in a professional manner and give it the widest possible distribution to local, regional, and state news media including newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Faculty with a news item should contact a member of the University Relations staff, preferably the news director.

The student newspaper (The University Leader) office is not a part of the Office of University Relations. Faculty desiring to place an item in the Leader and on local media should send copies to both offices.

Please note this important Board of Regents restriction: "No publicity or news release shall be given on any item that requires Board action until after such matter has been presented to the Board."

Kansas Board of Regents: Policies and Procedures Manual (05-16-91).

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