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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Salaries, Overload/Replacement/Part-Time Adjunct


A faculty member may become unable to teach an assigned on- or off-campus course during the regular academic year. A department chair may address these circumstances by identifying a full-time, core faculty member or part-time adjunct instructor to teach the required course on an overload/replacement basis.

Payment Procedures

1. The standard rate of remuneration per credit hour for all nine-month, core faculty teaching in an overload status to replace an assigned course instructor during the Fall/Spring semesters is 20 percent of 1/9 of the reassigned instructor's regular academic year base salary.

2. The rate of remuneration per course for a part-time adjunct instructor hired to replace a full-time, core faculty member to teach either on or off-campus will be as follows:

Years of Service as Adjunct Salary per "0" Courses Per Hour Salary for Other Type Courses
0-3 $2000 $667
4-6 $2200 $733
7-10 $2400 $800
11 and above $2600 $867


    1. Faculty will be paid $15 per credit hour for each student above 40 in an off-campus class.

    2. All off-campus courses with enrollment below 10 will be pro-rated.

    3. This payment schedule applies to all new on-campus part-time adjuncts.


Endorsed by Faculty Senate in consultation with President Hammond (04/00).
Revision of salary scale approved by President Hammond (5/3/06)

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