Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 6 -- Business Affairs: General Regulations, Services, and Procedures

Physical Plant

The Physical Plant is comprised of the following departments: Building Maintenance, Construction, Custodial Services, Environmental Services, Grounds, Lock Shop, Motor Pool, Power Plant, University Police, and Central Purchasing (shipping and receiving). Services from any of these departments can be obtained by contacting Physical Plant administration.

Building Maintenance and Repair

Building maintenance is the responsibility of the physical plant maintenance department, the principal responsibility of which is to preserve and prevent deterioration of University buildings and to remedy any situation that may be hazardous to building occupants. General service work and requests requiring involvement of the maintenance department are of necessity secondary to its principal responsibilities. Any emergency situations should be reported to maintenance, the Physical Plant Office, or the Directors of the Physical Plant.


The Environmental Safety Officer is responsible for overseeing health and safety issues on campus and for the recycling program. Concerns should be addressed to the Environmental Safety Officer, the Coordinator of Public Safety, or the Directors of the Physical Plant.

General Services

Services of a general nature, e.g., bulletin board requests, keys, furniture moving, and repair, should be directed to the Physical Plant Office by written work or moving request forms.

Telephone work request forms are provided by the Computing and Telecommunications Center. Forms are submitted in writing or electronically to that office when telephone service is needed. KANS-A-N authorization cards are issued by the Business Office for long distance business calls from off-campus. Telephone work request forms are used to request these cards and the forms are submitted to the Physical Plant.

Transportation requisition forms, available through the Physical Plant, are used to request vehicles from the motor pool for official travel. All vehicles are scheduled through the Physical Plant.

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