Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 8 -- Public Affairs

FHSU Foundation

Not only is the FHSU Foundation a major factor in the University's public relations programs, it is also a source of strength in developing excellence in all phases of the on-going programs provided for students. This is done through private funding of programs not receiving quite enough from public sources to make the difference between "adequate" and "excellent" performance. This is seen in supplemental funding for scholarships, grants, and loans for students as well as in basic support for such programs as nursing. The association is committed to fulfilling the wishes of donors in making FHSU a better University. As a non-profit organization, the FHSU Foundation is in a favorable position to receive memorials, estates, and gifts for the benefit of the University. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in and support the University through the FHSU Foundation activities.

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