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ReilleyI’m so pleased to be a full-time online instructor here at FHSU.  My department chair, Dr. Gene Rice and College of Arts & Sciences Dean, Dr. Paul Faber, have offered me truly rewarding opportunities ... to develop courses tailor-made for online students, to interact with colleagues both on and off campus, and to teach in the domestic programs and international partnerships ... during  my 15 years with FHSU.  Their vision and commitment to online learning and how it empowers students far and wide is the epitome of forward-seeing and forward-thinking.
~ Tj Reilley, Philosophy

At Fort Hays State University, adjunct faculty are more than contingent teachers who fill a gap. FHSU maintains an extensive plan to support adjuncts, and faculty and staff across campus work to ensure adjuncts have the training and guidance they need. Each department has specific provisions for adjunct faculty:

Allied Health: Blackboard site, Facebook page, meetings throughout the year, regular phone and email communications
Art and Design: Blackboard site, Facebook page, Google Drive resources, Skype meetings, mentoring, and various awards/honors
Biological Sciences: Blackboard site, Facebook page, Skype meetings, mentoring, inclusive department socials, email and phone communications to explain resources, processes and procedures
English: Blackboard site, informal mentoring, inclusive department meetings and socials
History: Blackboard site, Facebook page, and mentoring on a case by case basis 
Informatics: Blackboard site
Leadership Studies: Skype meetings, Facebook page, informal mentoring, advisory board, department meetings with typed minutes
Nursing: Blackboard site, monthly meetings, Skype sessions, mentoring
Political Science: Repository of grading rubrics, departmental best practices for online teaching
Sociology & Social Work: Blackboard site, Sociology program Facebook page, Social Work program Facebook page, mentoring on a case-by-case basis, departmental best practices for online teaching, regular phone and email communications to explain resources, processes and procedures
Teacher Education: Electronic syllabi, College of Education and Technology Facebook page 

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