C.A. Witt Building

C A Witt Maintenance Bldg

The C.A. Witt Maintenance Building was built in 1960. It provides work space for the lock shop, carpentry, painting, welding, and HVAC shops and office space for the construction crew, telecommunications technicians, and Ken Jacobs, Co-Director, Physical Plant. The building was expanded in 1997 by the addition of extra shop space on the south end and presently occupies 17,696 gross square feet. The Central Purchasing department occupies the north part of the Witt Building and is the central receiving/shipping area for the university. A meats fabrication lab is also in the north part of the Witt Building. As enrollment warrants, the meats lab is utilized for the Agriculture Department class, Consumer's Guide to the Meat Industry, to fabricate beef, pork and lamb carcasses into retail cuts for sale to the public. In addition, the meats lab is utilized by the basic Animal Science Class and the Livestock Selection and Evaluation classes to assess quality, yield, and palatability characteristics of the product derived from a live animal.

The C.A. Witt Building was named in honor of Cliff Witt who joined the FHSU staff in 1934 as a maintenance engineer. He was a contractor in Hays and helped build Custer Hall and the old cafeteria on campus before being hired by the university. Mr. Witt retired from FHSU in 1964 after almost 30 years of service to the university.

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