Brooks Building

Brooks Building


The Brooks Building is sited at the west edge of campus in the service buildings complex. As the Art Annex, the 10,200 gross square foot building was built in 1968 to house classrooms for ceramics, painting, sculpture and drawing classes, as well as offices for the faculty members teaching those classes. When the art department vacated the building in 1981 and moved into Rarick Hall, the building was remodeled into office space. Departments housed in the building presently include Printing Services, Physical Plant, Facilities Planning, Environment/Safety, and Custodial Services.

The R.U. Brooks Building is named for Raymond Brooks who joined the FHSU faculty in 1935 and served as Superintendent of Buildings and Professor of Industrial Education. Mr. Brooks held a Bachelor's and Master's degree in architectural engineering from Kansas State University. Except for a six-month leave of absence, he served FHSU for 36 continuous years. Mr. Brooks passed away in 1971.

Mr. Brooks was instrumental in the construction of facilities at Lewis Field Stadium which served a dual purpose as both athletic facility and dormitory. FHSU President Clarence E. Rarick conceived the idea. President Rarick and Raymond Brooks visited the Huey Long Stadium housing project on the campus of Louisiana State University. President Rarick, Mr. Brooks, Dr. William D. Moreland, and others put their ideas together. Raymond Brooks drew up the plans and the Board of Regents approved submitting the proposal to the WPA. What was conceived was a stadium with the space beneath the seats and press box so designed that dormitory, recreational, and study space could be provided. Only two other schools at the time used stadium space this way: Louisiana State University and Ohio State University.

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