Qualified Admissions Curriculum

as Outlined by the Kansas Board of Regents

Kansas Board of Regents Pre-college Curriculum

One of the ways you can meet university admission requirements is to successfully complete the Qualified Admissions Curriculum as outlined by the Kansas Board of Regents. You must complete the courses with at least a 2.0 grade point scale (GPA) on a 4.0 scale. This is a C average.
Every high school that is participating in the Qualified Admissions program has a list of its courses for the Qualified Admissions Curriculum. If you want to see a copy, ask you counselor. Please remember, you need only 14 credits in particular areas for Qualified Admissions. This still leaves you the opportunity to choose among the other courses your high school offers that are not part of the curriculum but may be very important to you.

Pre-College Curriculum

The following outlines the high school courses that are required to meet the requirements for admission into any of the Kansas Regents universities. Courses that are encouraged, but not required, are italicized. Note: 1 unit = 1 year

English - 4 units required
At least one unit of English or language arts must be taken each year of high school. Students are encouraged to take courses in journalism, speech, drama/theater; and/or debate, but these courses may not be used to fulfill the English requirements.

Natural Science - 3 units required
Students must take three units chosen from the following courses. At least one unit must be in chemistry or physics.

•Advanced Biology
•General/Physical/Earth/Space Science; and/or,
• Physics
Students may take up to two units in Applications in Biology, Applications in Chemistry and/or Principles of Technology I and II, if these courses offered at your school have been approved by the Kansas Commissioner of Education. Check with your counselor for confirmation. Applied/technical courses may not be substituted for the requirement that one unit of natural science credit must be in chemistry or physics. Students are encouraged to take one additional unit of science chosen from the courses listed above.
Math - 3 units required
Students must take one unit each of Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. Completion of any of the three required mathematics courses prior to entering high school satisfies the requirements for that course. Completion of Applied Mathematics I and II can be substituted for Algebra I. Students are strongly encouraged to take a mathematics course every year of high school.

Social Sciences - 3 units required
Students must complete the following:

•One unit of US history
•One half unit of US government
•One unit selected from one or more courses in psychology, economics, civics, history, current social issues, sociology, anthropology and/or race and ethnic group relations.
•One-half unit selected from world history, world geography or international relations