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Department of Applied Business Studies
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
McCartney Hall 113
Phone: 785-628-4772
Email: abs@fhsu.edu
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Dr. Stacey Smith
Smith, Stacey

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Office: MC 113C
Office Phone: 785-628-4772
Email: slgsmith@fhsu.edu

Dr. Stacey Smith's Homepage

Ms. Cindy Huser
Cindy Huser

Administrative Assistant

Office: MC 113B
Office Phone: 785-628-4772
Email: chuser@fhsu.edu

Dr. Russell Casey
Casey Russel


Office: MC 303
Office Phone: 785-628-5336
Email: racasey@fhsu.edu

Dr. Russell Casey's Homepage - Coming Soon!

Mr. Brad Goebel
Brad Goebel


Office: MC 105F
Office Phone: 785-628-4745
Email: tbgoebel@fhsu.edu

Mr. Brad Goebel's Homepage

Dr. Wally Guyot
Wally Guyot

Business Education

Office: MC 323
Office Phone: 785-628-4534
Email: wguyot@fhsu.edu

Dr. Wally Guyot's Homepage

Dr. Rose Helens-Hart
Helens-Hart, Rose

Business Education

Office: MC 320
Office Phone: 785-628-4019
Email: rhhelenshart@fhsu.edu

Dr. Rose Helens-Hart's Homepage

Mr. Scott Jones

Business Education

Office: MC 105C
Office Phone: 785-628-4040
Email: sjones@fhsu.edu

Mr. Scott Jones' Homepage

Dr. Mary Martin
Mary Martin


Office: MC 315
Office Phone: 785-628-5877
Email: mmartin@fhsu.edu

Dr. Mary Martin's Homepage

Dr. Mike Martin
Mike Martin


Office: MC 317
Office Phone: 785-628-5368
Email: mjmartin@fhsu.edu

Dr. Mike Martin's Homepage

Janelle Perryman
Perryman, Janelle

Virtual Academic Advisor

Office: MC 216F
Phone: 785-628-4736
Email: jlperryman@fhsu.edu

Dr. Karen Thal
Thal, Karen

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Office: MC 105G 
Office Phone: 785-628-4760
Email: kithal@fhsu.edu

Dr. James Ward
Skip Ward

Business Education

Office: MC 309
Office Phone: 785-628-5523
Email: jgward@fhsu.edu

Dr. James Ward's Homepage

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