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Department of Applied Technology
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Phone: 785-628-4211
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Benefits of a Degree from the Department of Applied Technology

Degrees of Success
Where do you want to be in five years? In 10? Do you see yourself in a management or leadership position? A bachelor’s degree from FHSU affords more career flexibility than a two-year degree. It provides the professional skills, life skills and hands-on experience that employers seek.

World Ready Students
As a student here, you’ll:

  • Develop valuable life skills, including the ability to think critically and problem-solve
  • Take responsibility for your learning and future success
  • Pursue success through innovation and the application of current and emerging technologies
  • Learn to manipulate materials, processes, and systems of instructional and industrial technology

Small Classes, Modern Labs
Many of our students say the small classes are one of the things they like the most about the department. Small class sizes mean you get to work closely with students and faculty. They encourage one-on-one attention and a safer working environment, especially in the labs. Our labs are well-equipped:

  • Up-to-date CAD/CAM software (Autodesk, VCarve, MasterCAM)
  • Industry and VEX robotics
  • Canon Plotter
  • Universal Laser Cutter
  • CNC Techno Router
  • CNC Haas Mill and Lathe
  • Fully equipped Construction Trailer

Outstanding Faculty
What else do students like about the department? Our great faculty. We recruit the best available. We make sure they’re broad-based and qualified in the specializations they teach. They serve as consultants for industries and schools, and many sit on advisory boards. They have the expertise to help you succeed.

Faculty Awards

    Joe Chretien
    2013 Nominated for the Navigator Award

    Eric Deneault

    2017 Pilot Award Candidate
    2014 COET Outstanding Teaching Award

    Kris Munsch
    2014 Pilot Award Candidate
    2013 COET Outstanding Teaching Award
    2013 University Outstanding Teaching Award

    Duane Renfrow     
    2010 College of Education and Technology, Outstanding Teaching Award
    2001 Elected to the Graduate Council, FHSU
    1998 Epsilon Pi Tau, FHSU
    1998 Elected to the Graduate Faculty
    1986 Zeta Chapter Iota Lambda Sigma Fraternity, Oklahoma State University
    1985 Lambda Chapter Kappa Delta Pi, Oklahoma State University

    Kenny Rigler

    2017 Werth STM College Service Award Winner (Spring)
    2015 COET Outstanding Teaching Award
    2014 Pilot Award Candidate
    2012 COET Research Award   

    Kim Stewart
    2016 Mike Neden STEM Champion Award
    2014 Pilot Award Candidate
    2012 Technology Education Collegiate Association Distinguished Advisor of the Year Award
    2011 Pilot Award Candidate
    2010 Pilot Award Candidate
    2008 College of Education-Edmund Shearer Faculty Advisor of the Year
    2007 College of Education Service Award
    2005 Pilot Award Candidate
    2003 Pilot Award Candidate
    2003 FHSU’s Nominee for the National Academic Advising Association
    2002 FHSU Outstanding Faculty Advising Award
    2002 FHSU COET Outstanding Faculty Advising Award
    1999 Fall Outstanding Teacher Innovation Award
    1998 Inducted to the Fort Hays State University Tiger Sports Hall of Fame     


Creating Community
Students like to say we’re a family over here. And we have a lot of fun. Our faculty care about their students—you’ll realize right away you’re more than just a face in the crowd. You’ll get to participate in lots of activities outside the classroom, from departmental and social events to technology conferences to TEECA.

We forge partnerships with businesses and industries. These include technical education collaborations with two-year schools, corporate partnerships, and partnerships with the military. As industries expand and change, we improve our curriculum to meet industry standards.

Paid Internships
Imagine graduating with a semester of work experience, confident and ready to start your career. Students working toward a degree in Industrial Technology do just that. At the end of the program, you’ll complete a semester-long paid internship (12 credit hours) in your area of specialization. And that internship could lead to a full-time job.

Training Teachers
We train quality teachers who understand technology as well as how students learn. That’s why schools throughout the region often call us looking for teachers. As a Technology Education student, you’ll learn to teach broad-based courses. You’ll also develop the skills to teach in a specialized career and technology education program. We require one semester of student teaching [link to internships page that follows] (12 credit hours).

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