Academic Programs in Art and Design

Whatever your current interests or career aspirations are, the Department of Art and Design has a broad spectrum of degree programs to help you develop your talents as an artist. Combine classroom learning with hands-on experience and strong faculty mentorship, and you’re sure to have a jump start within your chosen career field.

The Department of Art and Design offers two undergraduate and two graduate degree options, along with a minor program.


Undergraduate Degrees in Art and Design

Bachelor of Arts
The Bachelor of Arts degree includes three tracks: Studio Art, Art History and Art Education. If you choose Studio Art, you can further specialize your degree program into the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and photography. The Art Education program is a dual degree with Secondary Education and requires courses from the College of Education for state certification.

Bachelor of Fine Arts
The Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) includes three areas of concentration, focusing on your particular career aspirations: Graphic Design, Interior Design and Studio Art. Areas of emphasis within Studio Art include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and photography.

This degree is considered the professional degree plan, preparing you for entry into careers in the design field or as proper preparation for graduate study in a fine art studio discipline. As a BFA student, you will take three times as many courses in your chosen specialty as compared to other bachelor’s degrees in art.

Minor in Art
Are you Interested in the subject of art but already set on another degree program? Students who complete 24 hours of core classes covering drawing, design, art history and elective courses can earn a minor to enhance a degree or delve more deeply into a personal creative interest.


 Graduate Degrees in Art and Design

Master of Fine Art
Perhaps you would like to pursue a Master's degree with a more professional focus. A 60-credit hour degree program, the MFA is a terminal degree, preparing you to teach at the collegiate level or pursue other professional opportunities. Choose from drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography or graphic design as your area of emphasis.

Master of Liberal Studies
Looking to further your education in the field of art and need a flexible program designed with the working professional in mind? The Master of Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program consisting of 31 hours of graduate work. Interdisciplinary core courses comprise 10 credit hours, and you can focus your 18-hour concentration in Art History, Studio Art or Design. You will complete your degree program with a capstone project. This degree program is available on campus as well as online through the Virtual College


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