You Don’t Need to Be a Starving Artist

Graduates from the FHSU Department of Art and Design are highly sought after graphic designers, Web designers, interior decorators, educators and more. Your options are only as limited as your imagination and your ambition. With an excellent academic program, strong faculty mentorship and connections throughout education, industry and the non-profit world, you’ll be more than ready to pursue a career in art.

Possible careers in art and design include:

  •  Interior Designer
  • Artist
  • Art Director
  • Art Instructor
  • Video industry designer
  • Advertising designer
  • Art appraiser
  • Gallery owner
  • Graphic Designer
  • Gallery Manager
  • Design Manager
  • Motion Picture design affiliate
  • Publication designer
  • Illustrator
  • Art Consultant
  • Exhibition manager

Still not sure what to do with a degree in art or design? Contact the Department of Art and Design to speak with a faculty advisor or visit FHSU’s Academic Advising and Career Exploration web site for lots of information about other possible careers.

Our Art and Design graduates - out in the world


Michael Sizemore (2006)
Tigé Boats, Inc.
Abilene, TX

Tigé manufacturers inboard boats used in water sports. I work with our Senior Designer Danny Gutierrez (also an FHSU graduate) and our Web Developer. FHSU gave me the tools to go out into the world with confidence. The concepts we learned are priceless. I learned how to look at the world through different eyes. Being a designer, inspiration can be hard to come by and at FHSU I was taught from the very beginning how to use the resources we had to create top-level design, even on a small budget. The FHSU staff (especially my Graphics instructors) are second to none! I challenge any college to find professors who care as much about their students as the ones at FHSU. I interned at Tigé and attended gallery walks and shows while at FHSU. Being involved with the arts I became inspired by other artists. The artists/designers at FHSU are some of the best in the country and to see their work constantly on display at Art Walks and in galleries made me become inspired to bring my work to the next level.


Jenny Venn (2004, 2007)
Assistant Professor of Art, Graphic Design
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY

I am currently teaching graphic design at the University of Wyoming. I run the entire graphic design program here and have around 45 majors and several additional minors. I have also been working as a freelance designer on a body of academic/creative research titled Trashy Graphics. I constantly try to provide the same level of knowledge and inspiration that all of my professors at FHSU did. An internship with Associated Advertising Agency in Wichita prepared me for both work and life more that I ever thought possible. I was given a taste of what the advertising world was like and was able to work on actual accounts and see my work published in many different settings. FHSU helped me achieve my career goals by inspiring me to do my very best as well as preparing me to be the very best academically. The excellent faculty I was privileged to study under during my tenure in Hays was the primary reason for my academic success.


Luke Bott (2002)
Art Director
Gardner Design
Wichita, KS

Working at Gardner Design, my main focus has been logo design/corporate identity. Our client roster spans from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Since my first day at FHSU, I was taught to think different. This forced my mind to explore new things and question everything. I still use this today in my logo work. I am constantly trying to push my ideas in new directions and come up with what I feel is the best result. The interaction with the professors and my fellow students was extremely helpful. Critiques were great, because they helped me become bullet-proof as an artist. If a project didn't go well, I didn't get upset; I learned from it and took those thoughts and experiences into my next project. Aside from teacher and peer guidance, the design work I did for AmeriCorps as a student helped ready me for my current graphic design work. Attending FHSU was a great learning experience because it helped me learn how to build relationships with clients and provided me with experience directly related to my planned career.

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