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Explore the World of Art and Design

As a student in the Department of Art and Design, grow in skill level and knowledge. Become part of an active community of student artists who enjoy producing their own artwork and collaborating on group projects. Work closely with mentor professors throughout your program who help you develop your talents and gain confidence as an artist.

As an art major at FHSU, do more - and sooner - than art majors at many schools, helping you develop the skills and work habits of a professional artist. You will have 24-hour access to a wide variety of facilities from the beginning of your college career to practice your skills and produce your art, including:

  • Modern computer labs
  • Accessible studios
  • A foundry

 . . . .Just to name a few.

As an arts-centered community, Hays offers great opportunities for your work to be exhibited in the active local art scene. We have three seasonal “Gallery Walks” every year in Hays, with fantastic community support. Also, be sure to view our digital art collection.

With the help of an experienced and accessible faculty, be prepared to work hard and have fun as you pursue your passion for art. We invite you to explore the Web site for more information, or contact us to speak with a faculty advisor.

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