Bachelor of General Studies Degree

Concentration in Business Communication

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS), Business Communication Concentration is a four-year liberal arts degree which provides students with a specialized curriculum that focuses on the communication in the business environment. The primary purpose of this degree program is to blend the traditional outcomes of a liberal education, which provides breadth, and a specific Business Communication concentration that provides curriculum depth in the business, technology, and communication areas. This degree program provides students more flexibility in selecting their coursework, allowing students to transfer in credit from other institutions and allowing student's flexibility in exploring coursework from outside of the College of Business & Entrepreneurship. Because of the unique course combination in this program, students leave the program with a wide-range of knowledge and skills they can apply in a variety of different environments.

Advantages of the BGS Degree

  • Provides maximum flexibility to students in developing their program of study.
  • Combines theory with practical application.
  • Provides both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the study of business, communication, and technology.
  • Program course work stresses critical skills necessary to be effective in today's organizations.
Business Communication Concentration Courses
BCOM 300 Business Communication 3
BCOM 400 Global Business Communication 3
BCOM 601 Managerial Business Communication 3
BCOM 690 Professional Development 3
BCOM 692 Managerial Reports and Presentations 3
BCOM 695 Corporate Communication 3
BCOM XXX Choose 1 Course from:
BCOM 250 - Word Processing
BCOM 300 - Spreadsheet Applications
BCOM 310 - Database Applications
BCOM 350 - Integrated Data Applications

Contact: Scott R. Jones, Ed.S.
College of Business & Entrepreneurship