Bachelor of General Studies Degree

Concentration in Human Services

Individuals interested in a career in Human Services will be in high demand in the 21st Century. The changes set in motion in the latter years of the 20th Century, the reduced government appropriations for human services and the heightened demand for such services, require that persons delivering human services be prepared with the skills necessary in this new environment. The dismantling of the welfare state, the shifting of the policy role to state and local governments and the appearance of managed care strategies combine to redefine the skills necessary for Human Services professionals.

Concentration (21 Credit Hours)

Virtual College (Off Campus)

  • SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology
  • 18 hours of Sociology coursework of your choice

Other courses may be selected with the approval of your BGS advisor.

Concentration in Human Services

The Bachelor of General Studies with an emphasis in Human Services is a four-year liberal arts degree which provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully deliver human services. It provides maximum flexibility to students in developing their program of study.

Skills and Knowledge:

Human Services Professionals must be able to:

Establish positive relationships with persons needing services even in adverse circumstances

Communicate across different languages, different communities and different cultural settings

Develop shared goals and visions in partnership with persons needing services

Channel forces and resources in the community and communicate across organizational boundaries

Collaborate with other professionals and representatives of the community and willingly share power

Respect people's own judgment about their needs, listen to their concerns and focus on their strengths

Deal constructively with tension, and demonstrate skills of relationship building, negotiation and mediation

Manage information and assess and use technology appropriately

Demonstrate integrity and ethical conduct in dealing with others


Rose Marie Arnhold, Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Keith Campbell, Professor, Sociology
Dr. Pelgy Vaz, Associate Professor, Sociology

Karen Schueler, Instructor of Sociology

Dr. Kirk Johnson, Adjunct Professor of Sociology

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