Faculty and Staff

Most advising areas listed are linked to course summaries for those options.

Dr. Greg H. Farley
Image of Dr Farley
Dr. Elmer J. Finck
Image of Dr Finck in Class

Wildlife Biology, Mammalogy, Ornithology,

Advisor for Biodiversity & Conservation, Wildlife, Zoology


Dr. Elmer J. Finck's Homepage

Dr. Robert B. Channell
No Photo Available
Mr. Mark E. Eberle
Image of Mark with Bristlecone

Plains Stream Ecology, Lab Coordinator, Webmaster

Advisor for Biology Secondary Education


Mr. Mark Eberle's Homepage

Ms. Joanna Fay
No Photo Available


Advisor for Cellular-Molecular Biology, Pre-Physical Therapy, Medical Technology


Dr. Eric T. Gillock
Gillock-Oct 2013

Virology, Bacteriology, Molecular Biology

Advisor for Cellular-Molecular Biology, Medical Technology


Dr. Eric T. Gillock's Homepage

Ms. Hilary H. Gillock
Dr. Mitchell "Mitch" Greer
No Photo Available

(beginning August 2014) - Grassland Ecology, Range Management

Advisor for Rangeland Management

Dr. Brian R. Maricle
Mr. Michael Messeck
No Photo Available

Department Plant Technician

Dr. William J. "Bill" Stark
Ms. Kacie L. Vogt
No Photo Available

Senior Administrative Assistant



Emeritus Faculty


Dr. Eugene Fleharty - Mammalian Ecology
Dr. Gary Hulett - Plant Ecology
Dr. Robert Nicholson ( rnicholson@fhsu.edu) - Range Management
Dr. Frank Potter - Paleobotany
Dr. Joseph Thomasson - Plant Taxonomy