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You are a valuable resource to students for career advice.  As a professional experienced in your field, you can provide students with important information about different careers.  Below are a few examples of easy-to-promote, successful job search strategies and methods for your students:

  • Assign a class project where students work with Career Services to develop a resume.
  • Require or encourage students to create a Careers for Tigers account.  Careers for Tigers allows students to search and apply for job and internship vacancies, interview on-campus, research employers, network with alumni, and have their resume referred to employers nationwide!
  • Promote Career Services events to students; consider giving “extra credit” for attending our events.
  • Invite the staff from Career Services to do a class presentation. Working students cannot find time to attend workshops, so classroom presentations become an important venue for education and professional development.
  • Encourage students to seek career-related employment and internship experiences while pursuing their degrees.
  • Forward job opportunities to us that come your way.  We welcome emails, fliers, transferred calls, and contacts.

Additional Resources:
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Internship Submission Form
Tips for Writing a Recommendation
Sample Faculty Reference Letter

Faculty Guide to Ethical & Legal Standards in Student Hiring
FHSU Employment Statistics
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Create a faculty Careers for Tigers account and view job listings available to students and alumni -
Call 4260 to create your account.




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