Faculty and Staff

The faculty of the Communication Studies Department consists of more than 13 full- and part-time members, each having extensive background in specific areas. The Department has advisors who specialize in public relations, advertising, organizational communication, journalism, and general communication.

Scott Robson
Scott Robson

Department Chair

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 2006
M.A., University of Arkansas - Little Rock, 2001
B.S., University of Arkansas - Little Rock, 1999
Malloy Hall 102 • 785-628-5365

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Gordon S. Carlson
Gordon Carlson

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012
M.A., Oregon State University, 2005
B.S., Oregon State University, 2004
Malloy Hall 105 • 785-628-5876

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Sungwon Chung
Sungwon Chung

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Ed.D., Texas Tech University
M.A., Michigan State University
B.A., Dankook University, South Korea
Malloy Hall 202 • 785-628-4448

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Connie S. Eigenmann
Connie Eigenmann

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1995
M.A., Eastern Illinois University, 1992
B.A., Eastern Illinois University, 1991
Malloy Hall 205 • 785-628-5425

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Patti Griffin
Patty Griffin

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1996
M.S., Fort Hays State University, 1991
B.A., Fort Hays State University, 1987
Picken Hall 311B • 785-628-5577

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Carrol Haggard
Carrol Haggard

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
M.A., Texas Tech
B.B.A., Texas Tech
Malloy Hall 104 • 785-628-4685

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Marcella Marez
Marcella Marez

Instructor, Basic Course Coordinator
M.S., Fort Hays State University, 2002
B.A., Fort Hays State University, 1999
Malloy Hall 201A • 785-628-4337

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Jennie Straight
Jennie Straight

M.S., Fort Hays State University, 1992
B.A., Fort Hays State University,

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Hsin-Yen Yang
Hsin-Yen Yang, assistant professor of communication

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 2010
M.A., Emerson College, 2002
B.A., National Taiwan University, 1996
Malloy Hall 206 • 785-628-4386

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Kathy Meier
Kathy Meier

Administrative Assistant
B.S., Fort Hays State University, 1978
Malloy Hall 101 • 785-628-5365

Adjunct Faculty

John (Dance) Adams
Amanda Fairbanks
Latisha Haag
Rebecca Kiser
Diane Mason
Allison Ochoa 

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Malloy Hall 201  |  785-628-5974
Korby Boswell
Marcus Gao
Marcella McCluskey 
Alex McMillian

Student Employees

Stephen Kennelly - Graduate Assistant
Haley Sosa

Many Communication Studies Department Faculty are members of the Kansas Speech Communication Association.

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