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Economics and Finance Course Offerings Schedule

(effective Fall 2017)

Course Fall Spring Summer
ECON 201 Principles of Economics: Micro O, V O, V V
ECON 202 Principles of Economics: Macro O, V O, V V
ECON 302 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis   V  
ECON 601 Quantitative Methods O    
ECON 640 Money, Banking, and the Macroeconomy O, V O V
ECON 644 International Economics   O, V  
ECON 651 Managerial Economics   O, V  
FIN 201 Principles of Banking O V V
FIN 205 Theory and Practice of Personal Finance O, V O, V V
FIN 305 Managerial Finance O, V O, V V
FIN 311 Fundamentals of Investments O    
FIN 391 Principles of Insurance V    
FIN 405 Intermediate Finance O    
FIN 450 Personal Financial Planning   O  
FIN 466 Apprenticeship O O  
FIN 607 Options and Futures Markets   O  
FIN 611 Investment Theories and Strategies   O  
FIN 631 Risk Management O    
FIN 641 Financial Markets and Institutions   O V
FIN 642 Bank Management O    
FIN 643 Bank Strategy   O  
FIN 645 International Finance O   V
FIN 670 Estate Planning O    
FIN 680 Retirement and Employee Benefit Planning O  
IDS 300 Economic Ideas and Current Issues O, V O, V V

O = On-campus
V = Virtual 

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