Fort Hays State University Faculty Senate Leadership History

Year President Vice President Secretary
2016-2017 Carl Miller Denise Orth Yuri Yerastov
2015-2016 Lorie Cook-Benjamin Carl Miller Kathi Sanders
2014-2015 Eric Deyo Lorie Cook-Benjamin Janet Stramel
2013-2014 Stephen Donnelly Eric Deyo Amy Schmierbauch
2012-2013 Emily Breit Stephen Donnelly  
2011-2012 Chapman Rackaway Emily Breit Janet Stramel
2010-2011 Rita Hauck Chapman Rackaway Kathleen Sanders
2009-2010 Jeff Burnett Rita Hauck Kathleen Sanders
2008-2009 Kenneth Trantham Jeff Burnett Rita Hauck
2007-2008 Daniel Kulmala Kenneth Trantham Rita Hauck
2006-2007 Richard Lisichenko Daniel Kulmala Andria Cooper
2005-2006 Win Jordan Richard Lisichenko Daniel Kulmala
2004-2005 David Goodlett Win Jordan Richard Lisichenko
2003-2004 Carol Patrick David Goodlett Richard Lisichenko
2002-2003 John Heinrichs Carol Patrick Stephen Schleicher
2001-2002 Paul Adams John Heinrichs Carol Patrick
2000-2001 Art Morin Paul Adams Liane Connelly
1999-2000 John Durham Art Morin Evelyn Toft
1998-1999 Debra Scheffel/John Durham John Durham/Art Morin Evelyn Toft
1997-1998 Joe Aistrup Debra Scheffel Alan Schoer
1996-1997 Jean Gleichsner Joe Aistrup Phyllis Schmidt
1995-1996 Stephen Shapiro Jean Gleichsner Joe Aistrup
1994-1995 Dianna Koerner Stephen Shapiro Jean Gleichsner
1993-1994 Dianna Koerner Gerry Cox Jean Gleichsner
1992-1993 Richard Hughen Dianna Koerner Gerry Cox
1991-1992 Willis Watt Richard Hughen Martha Holmes
1990-1991 Robert Markley Willis Watt James Hohman
1989-1990 Paul Faber Robert Markley Willis Watt
1988-1989 Ron Sandstrom John Klier/Paul Faber Joan Rumpel
1987-1988 Larry Gould Ron Sandstrom Joan Rumpel
1986-1987 Mark Giese Larry Gould David Ison
1985-1986 Bill Rickman Mark Giese David Ison
1984-1985 Elton Beougher Bill Rickman Jeff Barnett
1983-1984 William Welch Elton Beougher Gary Arbogast
1982-1983 John Watson William Welch Marcia Bannister
1981-1982 Richard Heil John Watson Sharon Barton
1980-1981 Sam Warfel Richard Heil Patricia Baconrid
1979-1980 Louis Caplan Sam Warfel Richard Heil
1978-1979 Allan Busch Louis Caplan Sam Warfel
1977-1978 Ellen Veed Allan Busch John Watson
1976-1977 Dan Rupp Ellen Veed Alan Busch
1975-1976 Charles Votaw Dan Rupp Vera Thomas
1974-1975 Patrick Drinan Charles Votaw Bob Lowen
1973-1974 James Forsythe Patrick Drinan Rose Arnhold
1972-1973 Lewis Miller James Forsythe Patrick Drinan
1971-1972 LaVier Staven Lewis Miller Patrick Drinan
1970-1971 Gary Hulett LaVier Staven Esta Lou Riley
1969-1970 John Garwood Gary Hulett Lucille Dress

Thanks to Megan Leitner for researching through the Senate Archives for this information, and to the
many former Senate officers who helped with their recollections.

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