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Academic Calendar
Academic Transcripts
Additional Resources
Agreement to Serve, TEACH Grant
Aid Change Sheet
Alternative Loans
Appeal Form, Financial Aid Suspension
Appeal Form, Independent Status
Application Checklist for Continuing Students, Financial Aid
Application Checklist for New Students, Financial Aid
Applying for Financial Aid
Award Letter

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Budget Adjustment Request Form

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Career Workstudy Program, Kansas
Cash Course
Code of Conduct
Consortium Agreements
Conviction Policy, Drug
Cost of Attendance (COA)
Cost of Attendance Worksheet
Credit Hours

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Deferment, Loan
Deferment, Tuition
Deferment Request, In School
Departmental Job Program
Dependent Status
Dependent Verification Worksheet
Direct Loans, Federal
Drug Conviction Policy

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Eligibility for Aid
Employment, Student
Enrollment Level
Entrance Counseling, Federal Direct Loan
Entrance Counseling, TEACH Grant
Expected Family Contribution
Exit Counseling  

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FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN)
Federal Direct Loans
Federal Pell Grant
Federal School Code
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
Federal Workstudy Program
Federal Workstudy Request Form
Financial Aid Application Checklist for Continuing Students
Financial Aid Application Checklist for New Students
Financial Aid Data Form
Financial Aid Presentations
Financial Aid Suspension
Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Form
Financial Aid Warning
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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Graduate PLUS Loan

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Important Dates and Deadlines
Independent Status
Independent Status Appeal Form
Independent Verification Worksheet
In-School Deferment Request
Interest Rates, Direct Loan

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Jobs, Student

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Kansas Comprehensive Grant
Kansas Career Workstudy Program

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Loan Deferment
Loan Interest Rates, Direct

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Military Education Benefits

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Net Price Calculator

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Online Inquiry Form
Outside Resources

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Parent Information
Parent PLUS Loan
Parent PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note
Parent PLUS Loan Request Form
Pell Grant, Federal
Perkins Loan
Presentations, Financial Aid
Professional Judgment (Special Circumstances) Form
Professional Judgment Reviews (Special Circumstances)

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Release of Information Authorization
Repaying Your Loans

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Satisfactory Academic Progress
Scholarship Application
Scholarship Search
School Code, Federal
Special Circumstances Reviews (Professional Judgment)
Special Circumstances Form
Staff, Financial Assistance Office
Status, Current Financial Aid
Student Employment
Study Abroad/Student Exchange Program Statements
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal (FSEOG)
Suspension, Financial Aid
Suspension Appeal Form, Financial Aid

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TEACH Grant (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education)
Tuition & Fees
Tuition Deferment
Types of Aid

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Veteran's Class Schedule Form
View Your Status

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Warning, Financial Aid
Workstudy Request Form
Workstudy Program, Federal
Workstudy Program, Kansas Career

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