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It's not just a global world, it's a GEO world . . . GEO is all around you!

Are you curious about the earth, earth systems, different cultures, or the impact of humans on the earth? Have you ever (or have you ever wanted to) dig in the dirt looking for fossils, or like to collect rocks? Do the differences occurring in rocks or in soil fascinate you? Ever wondered why construction companies hire geologists? Are you interested in the differences among different human cultures? Is National Geographic Channel one of your favorites? Would you be interested in working in disaster management or urban/community development? Like working with computer applications such as Google Earth and GPS?

Applications of geosciences are an integral part of your everyday life right now. When you or someone you know uses an in-car or on-phone GPS to find a place, or when some one calls 911 a GIS program is utilized. When a community is looking to expand, maps are used to examine the physical geography and geology to determine the best areas for development.  When your local city considers a new landfill site a geologist is called in to look at the ground structure. When you fill up your vehicle with gas, a geologist was responsible for locating the petroleum field where that gas came from. A degree in the Geosciences, either in Geology or Geography/GIS, will prepare you for a diversity of career paths.

The Geosciences Department offers a variety of baccalaureate and advanced degrees as well as minors in both geology and geography. Study and training in the geosciences are designed to provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of science, and to prepare you to enter either industry, teaching, or graduate school. The department offers a master of science degree in geosciences, focusing on either geography or geology. This program will prepare you to function as a professional and also provides a background should you wish to pursue a Ph.D. at another university.

Fort Hays State University is located at the eastern margin of the High Plains, one of the most complete sections of Late Cretaceous rocks in North America. Hays is a day's drive from numerous classic igneous, metamorphic, paleontological, and structural locales in Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, and New Mexico. Field work is emphasized in the department, and undergraduate research is encouraged. Scholarships and graduate teaching assistantships are available for qualified students.

Please browse our website for more information on how the geosciences program can help you apply your interests to a career that can make a great impact on the world around you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about geosciences.

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