Master of Liberal Studies with a concentration in Health Science

The Master of Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Health Science, is offered in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Performance and utilizes a highly skilled faculty teaching a well rounded curriculum. This degree offers graduate students all the flexibility of the Master of Liberal Studies degree in a framework that emphasizes highly practical skills in human performance issues. The curriculum integrates both topics of traditional importance along side workshops in more contemporary issues to give students a broad overview of the discipline.

The MLS degree with a concentration in HHP is not a Masters in Health and Human Performance. If you are searching for a discipline-specific masters degree, you should check with your certifying agency to determine if the MLS degree will meet your needs. The MLS concentration in HHP will accept no more than six (6) transfer credits. Students completing the MLS in this concentration will have the following notation listed on their transcripts: "Liberal Studies (Health Sciences)"

Note: All applicants must complete the FHSU Graduate School Application which can be found at

Health Sciences Concentration

Your degree program will consist of the 10 required IDS hours and 21 hours from HHP.  Six hours from HHP are required (HHP 815 and HHP 874).  The remaining 15 HHP hours are elective hours.  You may chose from those courses listed to create your program.  Once you have completed your course selections, please forward them to me and I will create your official program of study.  Your program of study can be changed as your educational experience progresses.

MLS Core of Required Courses (10 hours)

  • IDS 801 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies (1 hours)
  • IDS 802 Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective (3 hours)
  • IDS 803 Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society (3 hours)
  • IDS 804 Information Literacy for Independent Learners (3 hours)

HHP Virtual College Offerings (21 hours)
Required HHP: (6 hours)

  • HHP 815 Research in Health and Human Performance (3 hours)
  • HHP 874 Graduate Independent Study:  Culminating Experience (3 hours) *Must be taken in your last semester  

Electives (15 hours from the following)

  • HHP 610 Global Health (3 hours)
  • HHP 612 Physiology of Aging (3 hours)
  • HHP 617 Nutrition and Aging (3 hours)
  • HHP 618 Environmental Health (3 hours)
  • HHP 619 Exercise Testing and Prescription for the Elderly (3 hours)
  • HHP 620 Epidemiology in Public Health (3 hours)
  • HHP 625 Legal Issues in Health Care (3 hours)
  • HHP 630 Administration in Health Care (3 hours)
  • HHP 633 Assessment and Planning in HHP (3 hours) 
  • HHP 635 Motor Behavior (3 hours)
  • HHP 670 Sports Marketing, Promotion and Planning (3 hours)
  • HHP 810 Sport in American Society (3 hours)
  • HHP 811 Health Promotion Programming (3 hours)
  • HHP 812 Nutrition for Health and Fitness (3 hours)
  • HHP 830 Secondary School Curriculum in Physical Education (3 hours)
  • HHP 840 Coaching of Today‚Äôs Athlete (3 hours)
  • HHP 855 Legal Issues in HHP and Athletics (3 hours)
  • HHP 860 Facilities in Physical Education and Athletics (3 hours)
  • HHP 820 Concepts and Objectives of Physical Education (3 hours)
  • HHP 825 Statistical Analysis in Health and Human Performance (3 hours)
  • HHP 650 Biomechanics (3 hours)
  • HHP 835 Motor Learning (3 hours)
  • HHP 850 Physiological Analysis of Motor Activity (3 hours)

Comprehensive Exams are taken as the final step in the process

Program Contact

For more information, contact Dr. John Zody to see if the Master of Liberal Studies degree concentrations offered through the Department of Health and Human Performance could be right for you. Once you have been admitted to this concentration, please follow the MLS Checklist and carefully read The MLS Student Handbook  

For more information, contact:
Director of the Master of Liberal Studies Program
The Graduate School, Picken Hall 306
Fort Hays State University
Hays, KS 67601
(785) 628-5578

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