The On-Line Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance

Are you interested in a career that is directed towards improving the lives of others?  The fields of health and fitness impact everyone, young and old, and if you want to make a real impact on the world around you, the Department of Health and Human Performance has a program to meet your needs.  The On-line Bachelors Degree in Health and Human Performance offers you the opportunity to develop your analytical, communication, conceptual and technical skills related to careers in health and wellness, while enabling your to stay at your place of work or in your home community.  The focus of this program is primarily Health and Wellness, and is not a direct avenue towards a teaching credential or a degree in exercise science.

Program Structure

The program requires a minimum total of 120-hours. Students must meet the general education requirements of the university or the Transfer and Articulation agreement; complete the 25-hour HHP core, 23-25 hours of required cognates, 12-13 HHP elective hours and 12 hours of open electives.   University graduation requirements also require 45 hours of upper division credit and a minimum of 60 hours completed at a 4 year institution.  Working with an advisor, both requirements can met through the program.  

General Education Hours
Health and Human Performance Core*
     HHP 201 Concepts of Physical Fitness (1) fall
     HHP 210 Intro to Health and Human Performance (3) fall/summer
     HHP 220 Responding to Emergencies (3) summer
     HHP 280 Care and Prevention of Exercise and Sport Injuries (3) summer
     HHP 330 Adapted/Special Physical Education (3) spring
     HHP 340 Tests and Measurements in HHP (2) spring
     HHP 390 Physiology of Exercise (3) fall
     HHP 440 Kinesology (3) summer
     HHP 450 Program Organization and Administration (3) fall
Required HHP Cognates*
     HHP 200 Personal Wellness (if not taken as a Gen Ed) (3) all semesters
     HHP 230 Principles of Nutrition     (3) all semesters
     HHP 310 Consumer Health (2) every other summer
     HHP 312 Fitness Leadership (2) spring
     HHP 314 Issues in Health Education (2) intersession/spring
     HHP 371 Health Promotion and Wellness (3) in development
       or  HHP 480 Leisure Programming for the Elderly (2) every other summer
     HHP 430 Motor Learning (3) in development
       or HHP 635 Motor Behavior (3) summer/fall
HHP Electives
As Needed
Total Hours
* Additional sections of a course may be offered in a different term.  Check Tiger Tracks each semester for added course offerings.


 Program Contact

For more information, contact Mr. Glen McNeil to see if the Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance could be right for you. You can also reach Mr. McNeil at (785) 628-5296.





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