Program of Study for the

Online M.S. in Health and Human Performance

Online graduate-level study in the Department of Health and Human Performance leads you to a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance (HHP). This online program gives you the opportunity to further development of your conceptual, technical, analytical and communication skills related to careers in health and human performance, while enabling to stay at your place of work in your home community.

The program consists of 17 credit hours of core courses, required of all graduate students, plus an additional 15 credit hours of elective coursework. The wide range of elective courses enable you to work with your advisor to develop a concentration that best fits your personal and professional needs. Most online graduate students take six credit hours per semester, including summers, which allows them complete their degree over a three to four year period. As a final step in the program, all students are required to successfully complete a comprehensive examination prior to graduation.

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in health and human performance or a related field, you will need to complete up to 18 credit hours of leveling coursework. Those 18 credit hours do not need to be completed prior to starting the program, but you will be expected to complete those classes within a year of being admitted into the program. If you have taken hours in physical education and/or health, the department will review those hours to determine if they can be applied to your leveling work.

Course Rotation for the Online M.S. in Health and Human Performance

Core Courses
All core courses for the Master's in HHP are offered in the summer.  For your convenience in planning out your course of study, the schedule of courses through Summer 2016 is listed below:

    Offered in Summer 2011, 2013, 2015

  • HHP 815 Research (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 825 Statistics (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 835 Motor Learning (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 850 Physiological Analysis of Motor Activity (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 875 Graduate Seminar (2 Credit Hours)
  • Offered in Summer 2012, 2014, 2016

  • HHP 650 Biomechanics (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 815 Research (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 820 Concepts and Objectives (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 875 Graduate Seminar (2 Credit Hours)

Program Electives
Elective courses are available online, on a rotating basis. Not all courses are available every semester. Check the current semester schedule to determine availability. You are encouraged to select electives that will enable you to develop a program of study applicable to your career goals and interests.

  • HHP 617 Nutrition and Aging (3 Credit Hours) Spring
  • HHP 619 Exercise Prescription & Testing for the Elderly (3 Credit Hours) Summer
  • HHP 633 Assessment and Planning in HHP (3 Credit Hours) Spring
  • HHP 635 Motor Behavior (3 Credit Hours) Fall
  • HHP 650 Biomechanics (if not taken as a core course) (3 Credit Hours) Summer
  • HHP 670 Sports Marketing and Promotion (3 Credit Hours) Summer
  • HHP 810 Sport in American Society (3 Credit Hours) Fall
  • HHP 811 Health Promotion Programming (3 Credit Hours) Spring
  • HHP 812 Nutrition for Health and Fitness (3 Credit Hours) Fall
  • HHP 830 Secondary School Physical Education Curriculum (3 Credit Hours) Spring
  • HHP 835 Motor Learning (if not taken as a core class) (3 Credit Hours) Summer
  • HHP 840 Coaching Today's Athlete (3 Credit Hours) Spring
  • HHP 855 Legal Issues in HHP (3 Credit Hours) Fall
  • HHP 860 Legal Issues in Health and Physical Education (3 Credit Hours) Summer
  • HHP 899 Thesis* 3-6 credit hours
  • Graduate Project or Internship** (3 Credit Hours)

Total Elective Credit Hours: 15 Credit Hours

* If you wish to consider the thesis option, please visit with your advisor. Thesis is considered six hours of your electives and does require a certain number of on-campus activities.

** A graduate project or internship may be considered as part of your program. If you are interested, you must contact your advisor before it is included in your program of study. There are specific requirements that must be met before a project or internship is considered. You will be awarded a maximum of three credit hours for a graduate project or internship.

Program Contact

For more information, contact Dr. John Zody to see if the Master of Science degree concentrations offered through the Department of Health and Human Performance could be right for you.  You can also reach Dr. Zody at (785) 628-4370.

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