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Bachelor of Science in Human and Health Performance, Health Promotion and Wellness option

Health promotion and wellness activities take place in a range of institutions from private clinics to fitness centers throughout the United States. In this concentration, students take classes about proper nutrition, exercise, managements, consumer health, and much more. Outreach programs, health fairs, and community activities round out the students’ experiences and prepare them with practical skills for the real world. Students have the option of concentrating their studies in Health Promotion, Fitness Programming, Exercise Science or Gerontology.

If you pursue the Health Promotion and Wellness track, you will be prepared for a wide range of careers in the areas of wellness, fitness programming, gerontology, personal training and exercise science. Classes and the internship can be focused toward setting such as cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, fitness leadership, fitness program management, and corporate wellness/fitness.

Your 120-hour program of study includes:

  • a 55-hour university general education program
  • a 25-hour core of professional courses common to all Health and Human Performance majors, and
  • a Health Promotion and Wellness core
  • a concentration core along with a selection of classes specific to your area of study
  • a selection of general electives designed to complement your area of study

Program Summary

General Education (55 hours)

Health and Human Performance Core (25 hours)

HHP 115 Weight Training and Conditioning (1)
HHP 201 Concepts of Physical Fitness (1)
HHP 210 Intro to Health and Human Performance (3)
HHP 220 Responding to Emergencies (3)
HHP 280 Care and Prevention of Exercise and Sport Injuries (3)
HHP 330 Adapted/Special Physical Education (3)
HHP 340 Tests and Measurements in HHP (2)
HHP 390 Physiology of Exercise (3)
HHP 440 Kinesiology (3)
HHP 450 Program Organization and Administration (3)

Concentration Core (19-21 hours)

HHP Aquatics Elective (1-3)
HHP 151 Aerobics (1)
HHP 230 Principles of Nutrition (3)
HHP 312 Fitness Leadership (2)
HHP 313 Health and Promotion Wellness (3)
HHP 445 Clinical Exercise Physiology (3)
HHP 447 Instrumentation in Ex Physiology (3)
HHP 465 Internship in HHP (3)

Area of Specialization

Each student selects an area of specialization from the following areas (17-20 hours)

Fitness Program Requirements

HHP 315 Nutrition and Athletic Performance (3)
HHP 435 Personal Training Certification (3)
HHP 612 Physiology of Aging (3)
HHP 617 Exercise Testing and Prescription for Elderly (3)
Internship and/or Aquatics and/or Fitness/Rec Electives (6)

Exercise Science Requirements

HHP 332 Lifespan Nutrition (3)
BIOL 345 Human Anatomy & Lab (4)
BIOL 346 Human Physiology & Lab (4)
HHP 612 Physiology of Aging (3)
HHP 617 Exercise Testing and Prescription for the Elderly (3)
HHP Field Work in HHP (3)
Recommended General Education Courses
BIOL 100 Human Biology (3)
BIOL 102 Lab Experience in Biology (1)
CHEM 112 General Chem I and Lab (3)
CHEM 114 General Chem II and Lab (3)
Math 250 Elements of Statistics (3)
IDS 400 Bioethics (3)

Health Promotion Requirements

HHP 310 Consumer Health (2)
HHP 320 Communicable and Emergent Diseases (3)
HHP 332 Lifespan Nutrition (3)
HHP 612 Physiology of Aging (3)
HHP 619 Exercise Testing and Prescription (3)
SOC 644 Sociology of Aging for the Elderly (3)
Recommended General Education Courses
BIOL 100 Human Biology (3)
BIOL 102 Lab Experience in Biology (1)

Gerontology Requirements

HHP 605 Introduction to Gerontology (3)
PSY 420 Psychology of Aging (3)
PSY 668 Neuropsychology (3)
SOC 644 Sociology of Aging (3)
HHP 612 Physiology of Aging (3)
HHP 670 Seminar in Gerontology (3)
Select 9 hours from the following recommended electives
NURS 211 Learning in Older Adulthood (2)
SLP 655 Communication in Aging (2)
AGRI 301 Home Horticulture (3)
PSY 668 Neuropsychology (3)
PSY 420 Psychology of Aging (3)
HHP 617 Nutrition and Aging (3)
HHP 619 Ex. Testing/Prescription for Elderly (3)
HHP 371 Leisure Programming for the Elderly (2)
SOCW 620 Spiritually Aging


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