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The Department of History grants several scholarships and awards to undergraduates and graduate students. The amount and number of scholarships is dependent upon the income generated each year by the endowment of the scholarships. For more information about university scholarships and the application process, visit the Financial Assistance Office’s Scholarship  Web site. 

Anna Knoll Scholarship 
Recipient must be a History major with an interest in ethnic studies, who is a native of Kansas, with a preference given to students from western Kansas. Undergraduates and graduates are eligible. 

Corwin and Mabel Smith Fund 
Awarded to a junior History major who has maintained a 3.5 GPA, exhibited academic excellence, and demonstrated a commitment to the study of History for his/her senior year.

David Miller History 
Preference for students majoring in History with a minimum 3.0 GPA.   

Eugene R. Craine Memorial 
Awarded to a sophomore, junior, or senior History major with at least a 3.0 overall GPA. Applicant must include a one-page essay linking his or her career goals with interest in the study of history.  

Veva Stimits Memorial History 
Recipient must be an upper division or graduate FHSU student majoring in History with a minimum 3.0 GPA. 

Campbell Family 
Must be juniors, seniors or graduate students majoring in History with a 3.0 GPA or higher. 

Frank Pechanec Memorial History 
Awarded to a junior or senior History major with a 3.0 GPA. 

Charles H. and Nita M. Landrum Memorial 
Scholarships are for junior and senior students majoring in History and Political Science. In even years, the scholarship will be presented to a History major; in odd years, the scholarship will be presented to a Political Science major. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and show strong leadership ability. 

History - Academic Opportunity Award 
These awards are for incoming freshmen only.

History Department 
The Department of History offers several scholarships in varying amounts annually to History majors based on scholarly performance. Transfer students are encouraged to apply for these awards. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. 

Linda Michaelis Davis 
Preference to students majoring in History with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Financial need shall be considered. 

Maxine A. Sebelius 
Recipients must be students of Norton county majoring in Political Science or History. 

Dr. Brian A. Hodson Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Brian A. Hodson served as a faculty member of the Department of History from August of 2005 until he died of a heart illness in December of 2006. His family established this scholarship in his honor. The scholarship is open to graduate students or undergraduates; the GPA minimum is 2.5; and the recipient must show an affinity for research.


Each calendar year, the Department of History offers $100 awards for the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Paper and the Outstanding Graduate Research Paper.  Department faculty members nominate student papers at the end of each semester, and the Paper Awards’ Committee makes its final determination the following spring.  Winners are recognized at the College of Arts and Sciences’ spring recognition program. 


Learning about history does not just happen in the classroom. The FHSU History program offers the experience of the "real world" before entering the work force full time. With committed faculty members to assist you in networking and finding a position, you can spend valuable time within your field of study while making connections in a field that interests you. Work at a museum, historical society or other organization related to your field of study, gain hands-on experience and make valuable contacts to give you an advantage when applying for graduate school or that first position after college. 

FHSU Internship Programs: 

Fort Hays State Forsyth Library 
Ellis County Historical Society 
Harry S. Truman Library and Museum  
Buffalo Bill Historic Center  

For more information on the Internship Program and the application process, contact Juti Winchester, internship coordinator.  For other internship opportunities not affiliated with the Department of History, please visit Career Services’ Internship Resources Web site. 

Undergraduate Research 

The Department of History supports the independent research of undergraduates.  Original archival research will strengthen your organizational, analytical and writing skills; plus it is fun to learn new things about a historical site, person, or event. If you are interested in working on one of the ongoing research projects, please contact Kim Perez

Service Learning 

The department has partnered with a number of community agencies to do research for them.  As historians-in-training students possess research skills that can benefit local organizations by filling in the historical gaps.   Among our partners are the Downtown Hays Development Corporation, the Ellis County Historical Society, the Hays Neighbors, and the Chestnut Street District.  For more information about Service Learning courses or opportunities, contact Kim Perez

Field Trips 

Going on field trips is one way to experience history.  Many of our history courses take trips to historical sites, museums, and archives in the region and out of state.    Meet professionals behind the scenes to see how they actually work.  These trips give you the opportunity to see history in practice, meet with successful professionals in the field, and explore a variety of career options available to you.  

Study Abroad 

Are you interested in the history of a particular country or region?  Add incredible depth to your degree program by taking a summer, semester or even a year to engross yourself in the culture and history of a different part of the world.  Visit the StudyAbroad Web site to learn more!  

Student Organizations 

College is much more than taking classes to earn a degree. Meet new people, develop your leadership skills, and make an impact on the campus and community by getting involved in student organizations. The Department of History sponsors two clubs: 

Phi Alpha Theta (International History Honor Society) 
With the right academic standing, you could be eligible to join Phi Alpha Theta, the worldwide honor society for history students. As a member of this organization, you will learn more about the field of history while spending time with your peers. Phi Alpha Theta activities include hosting bingo games, book sales, movie nights, and a summer trip to places like New York City and Washington, DC. 
For more information about Phi Alpha Theta contact LaGretia Copp, faculty advisor.  Please feel free to visit the Phi Alpha Theta facebook page

History Club 
Ready for action within your major? Engage in discussion with fellow students as a member of the History Club.   Students from any major can join the History Club, so the membership is as diverse and interesting as the information being shared. 
For more information about History Club, contact LaGretia Copp, faculty advisor.  

Beyond activities in the Department of History, majors become part of many campus-wide organizations, such as Tigers in Service or the Student Government Association. For more information about the 100+ student organizations available at FHSU, check out the Center for Student Involvement Web site. 

Clio Lecture Series 

What career opportunities are available to history majors?  Meet and talk with historians working in both academic and non-academic fields at the Department of History’s Clio Lecture Series.  Each semester the department invites historians from the public and private sectors as well as higher education to share their research and their insights concerning occupational avenues for history students. 
For more information about the Academic and Professional Development Lecture Series, contact LaGretia Copp.

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