Opportunities for High-Achieving Students at Fort Hays State University

If you have earned outstanding grades in high school and scored well on your ACT, Fort Hays State University has a number of exceptional opportunities for you to consider:

Distinguished Scholars Program
The Distinguished Scholar Program is one of the University’s latest initiatives to recognize high-achieving students. The Distinguished Scholars Programs rewards high school seniors boasting at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and a 28 ACT score with a comprehensive set of benefits. If selected, Distinguished Scholars receive a free laptop computer, free campus parking pass, Encore season tickets,specialized advising focused on goal-setting and building an extra/co-curricular portfolio, and membership in the FHHS. You can apply for the Distinguished Scholars Program when you apply for financial aid and scholarships.
     Learn more about the qualification guidelines, participation requirements and application process for the Distinguished Scholars Program.

Undergraduate Research Experience
Organized by the Fort Hays State University Graduate School, the Undergraduate Research Experience provides students grants to assist faculty in conducting primary research, whether in the lab or in the community. This program gives you hands-on and meaningful research experience early in your undergraduate tenure, which can help prepare you for graduate school or for your future career.
    Learn more about the Undergraduate Research Experience at the FHSU Graduate School website.

Substantial Scholarships
If you are a National Merit Semi-Finalist, National Achievement Award winner or National Hispanic Award winner, you are entitled to a full-ride scholarship that includes tuition and fees, room and board, and books, renewable each year if you maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA.

Additionally, FHSU offers major scholarships for high-achieving students, including:

Presidential & Miller Black/Gold        $3,200 Composite ACT of 30 or higher
Miller Black and Gold  $1200 Composite ACT of 28-29 
Hays City Silver Award   $800 Composite ACT of 24-27
Fort Hays Bronze Award    $700 Composite ACT of 22-23
Copper Award     $500 Composite ACT of 21
Academic Opportunity     $500 - $900    Departmental scholarship

Combine scholarship opportunities with the most affordable tuition among Kansas Regents' universities, you will discover a great education without the debt of many college graduates. To learn more about the many scholarship opportunities available at Fort Hays State University, visit the Office of Financial Assistance website.

 Specialized Advising
If your long-range plans include earning a nationally competitive scholarship, such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, Truman or Marshall, you can work closely with a specialized advisor (above and beyond your program advisor). This advisor, Mr. Joseph Romance, will help you develop your co-curricular and extra-curricular portfolio so you may be well positioned for candidacy for one more prestigious scholarship applications. Additionally, Mr. Romance will help you prepare for the application and interview process. Fort Hays State University has established a mentor panel of FHSU alums who have been finalists or award winners of nationally competitive scholarships to help students as they progress through the application process.
     Learn more about the requirements of some of these national and international competitive scholarships.

Fort Hays Honor Society

The Fort Hays Honors Society is a dedicated group of high-achieving students with a broad range majors and career aspirations. This exceptional men and women have two things in common: a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher and a desire to make a positive impact on the FHSU campus. Some of their activities include sponsoring a GRE prep/review course, reading program for elementary schools, speaker series, and tutoring by honors (soon!)
     Get more information about the Fort Hays Honors Society.

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