Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology

This degree is designed for individuals interested in business and industry careers. A one-semester (12 credit hours) internship in the area of specialization at the end of the program is required. This mandatory internship aids students by providing valuable experience that will be applicable to future careers. This degree is divided up into four emphases: Construction Management, which includes management and marketing classes; Communication Technology, which includes business classes and in-depth technology classes; Construction Technology, which includes hands-on construction and business classes; and Manufacturing Technology, which includes design, business and manufacturing classes. Specific curriculum guides are available below.  

Bachelor of Science in Technology Education

This degree is designed for individuals interested in teaching at all levels of education. Teachers specializing in this area are highly sought after. A one-semester student teaching experience at the end of the program is mandatory. Three areas of specialization are provided for individual interests: Communication Systems, which includes an in-depth study of computers, graphic arts and software; Power, Energy and Transportation Systems, which includes the study of a variety of technological systems for repair; and Production Systems, which focuses on consumer goods and specializes in woodworking, metals, welding and more at the public school level. 

Bachelor of Science in Technology Leadership

This degree is designed for those who already have or are in the process of pursuing an Associate's of Applied Science (AAS) degree from a two-year college in technical, applied or practical areas such as auto-mechanics, electronics, computer-aided drafting and more. By pursuing a B.S. in Technology Leadership, students can combine their AAS experience with advanced courses in technology, industrial management and leadership in order to attain the degree from FHSU.

This program is divided into two options, both of which are available on campus and in the virtual college. Those who pursue Option I focus in Business and Industry. Along with the General Education classes, there is heavy emphasis in management and leadership courses. Option II focuses on Career and Technical Teachers. This curriculum includes business, management and leadership courses, as well as education courses. 

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