Benefits of a Degree from the Institute of Applied Technology

  • Gain a broad-based education in technology literacy.  You will explore a wide variety of different technology applications and processes.  Curriculum supports the FHSU General Education curriculum, as well as the sciences, math and the engineering application principals you’ve learned.
  • Exciting program, because you get to put into practice and see the results of your education.
  • Broad based education allows you to pursue careers in a variety of areas – not pegged into one career track. With technology changing so much, you have the ability to be flexible and adapt as technology moves forward.
  • Develop strong problem-solving skills to learn the newest technologies as they emerge.  You are able to compete very successfully in the job market.
  • Small class sizes mean you get to work with fellow students and get the necessary interaction and support from instructors.  Small classes also ensure your safety, particularly in the labs.
  • We have large, well-equipped and modern labs – access to latest technology.
  • Outstanding, qualified faculty.  We recruit the best qualified faculty available. We make sure faculty are broad-based and not area narrow, although they are very well qualified in the specialization they teach.  They have the background to help you connect the dots.  
  • Strong partnerships with industry – faculty sit on advisory boards, etc.  Industry points out where they are expanding and changing and how we can improve curriculum to meet the needs of industry standards.  Industry encourages and supports curriculum changes –and they employ graduates based on those relationships.
  • Semester-long, paid internship program for industry majors. Lots of programs require a 3-hour, summer internship.  Not many have a full-semester internship required in the program.  Internships are the last semester of your program. Industry likes that.  Have the opportunity to start your career!   Gives you the opportunity to put all that you have learned into practice, Gives you the opportunity to grow as an individual in what the industry expects, gain letters of recommendation at the end of your school year from your internship company.  Graduate with a semester of experience, working knowledge of career field.  Gain confidence and be prepared to start your career.
  • For teacher ed – our students are able to teach broad-based education, while at the same time they have developed the necessary skills to teach in a specialized career and technology  education program, along with ITEA-based program.  Able to expose middle and high school students to a wide variety of technology careers, requirements and processes. Our students are sought after from all over – we get many calls from schools throughout the region looking for teachers because we have a reputation for quality teachers who understand technology, as well as how students learn. 
  • Very good sense of community in the department – faculty and students work well together.  Comes from faculty who genuinely care about the students. Multiple activities arranged outside the classroom – departmental and social events – TEECA group…students feel really quickly that they can be more than a number and a name – students constantly interacting and become friends with classmates.  Collegial learning environment.  Everyone is very quick to jump in and help, brainstorm, problem solve with one another.  Faculty are always ready to assist students and have regular office hours.
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