Registration Procedures

Entry Procedures

1. Entry forms and activity schedules may be picked up at the Intramural Office, which is located in Cunningham Hall, Room 111.

2. Rosters must be picked up, completed, and returned to the Intramural office before the final entry deadline.

3. Late entries will be placed on a waiting list and included only if possible.

4. Please include applicable entry fee for each activity.

5. Attend the mandatory captains meeting prior to the beginning of league or tournament play as posted.

6. Pick up a season schedule at the Intramural Office or check the bulletin board, located outside the Intramural Office. Standings and schedules will be posted on the Intramural Bulletin Boards.

7. All students, undergraduate &/or graduates, are automatically eligible to take advantage of all intramural privileges, and shall retain that status until they fail to comply with the eligibility rules stated on the Eligibility page.

8. Team Rosters: Must include names (first & last) of all team members, as well name, address and telephone number of team managers/captains.

9. Rosters will serve as a waiver. All participants must read and sign the entry form.

10. Enjoy your intramural experience at FHSU.

Entry Fees & Forfeits

1. An entry fee will be charged for each team in each activity or sport.

2. If a team forfeits a game or misses a mandatory captain's meeting they must pay another $10.00 forfeit fee to continue to play.

3. If a team has two forfeits, they will not be eligible for playoffs in that activity or sport.

Additional Costs

The following activities have additional costs for participation:

  • Fantasy Football  | $10.00
  • Bowling | $10.00
  • Easter Egg Hunt | $2.00

Fee Card Prices

The following are the prices for individuals interested in purchasing a University fee card(s):

  • FHSU Students (7 hours or more) | FREE
  • Spouse/Family of FHSU Students | $21.00
  • University Faculty & Staff | FREE
  • Spouse/Family of Faculty & Staff (children 17 & under) | $121.00