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Nearly every single person will become a victim of a crime during his or her lifetime. From small towns to metropolitan areas, foul play ranges from crimes of passion to complex long-range embezzling schemes. As stresses on society increase, so does crime. Now, more than ever, our country needs people like you in positions everywhere from the local system to federal programs.
The Department of Justice Studies will prepare you for a rewarding career in law enforcement, corrections, or the legal system. In addition to becoming acquainted with the theory behind criminal justice practices, you have the flexibility to customize your degree program to meet your interests in the field of criminal justice. Top off your degree with hands-on experience in defensive tactics and a world perspective that will set you apart from the rest.
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Mission Statement

The Department of Justice Studies challenges those students seeking an undergraduate degree to master crucial roles in a justice system that must adapt to rapidly accelerating change at the local, state, national and global levels. Training will provide opportunities for critical exploration in the classroom and in the field, where the curriculum has high expectations for peak intellectual performance from our majors seeking certification in a variety of areas related to law enforcement, corrections, and the court system. With a priority for maintaining public safety grounded in the rule of law, the department expects students to lead as well as serve, engaging society with competence, innovation, and integrity; because the quality of protection and security tomorrow begins with purposeful preparation today.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Justice Studies is in accordance with its college as an interactive learning program. As a result, Justice Studies responds with interdisciplinary collaboration within the College of Arts and Sciences and the university as a whole. This collaboration links resources to help meet the demands of the information-age learner for a networked educational environment.


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