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Department of Justice Studies
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The Department of Justice Studies

Society depends on criminal justice professionals to help protect and promote the common good. The Department of Justice Studies at Fort Hays State University will prepare you for a rewarding career in law enforcement, corrections, or the legal system. Learn the theory behind criminal justice practices while customizing your degree program to suit your interests. Get hands-on experience and a global perspective highly valued by future employers.

Justice Studies at FHSU: Forward Thinking. World Ready.

We challenge students to master crucial roles in a criminal justice system that must adapt to rapidly accelerating change—at the local, state, national, and global level.

You’ll develop skills and qualities like these:

  • An understanding of the nature of crime and the agencies and processes that work against it
  • Knowledge about principles that form the nation's approach to crime and the discretion needed for dealing with different cases
  • The ability to think critically and solve problems
  • The ability to communicate well, verbally and in writing

FHSU Justice Studies graduates lead as well as serve, and they perform with competence, innovation, and integrity. The quality of protection and security tomorrow begins with purposeful preparation today.

Current Student Profile


Taite Herrington, Junior
Justice Studies B.S.

I chose this area of study because ever since I was a kid I have wanted a career in law enforcement and I feel that the Justice Studies Department here at FHSU was the best way to achieve that goal. What I love most about the Justice Studies Department at FHSU are the outstanding professors. They not only know their stuff, but they make classes interesting and use their vast amounts of real-world experience to help you get a perspective that you can't get from just reading a textbook. They also act as great mentors when needing advice on which classes to take and the steps to follow in achieving your career goals once you graduate. Though there are awesome opportunities within the department that I would recommend such as the Criminal Justice Club and the Defensive Tactics Club, I also enjoy partaking in other activities on and off campus like UAB's After Dark and Christian Challenge. These are great activities that give you the chance to meet create new friendships and to find out fun ways in which you can get even more involved while at FHSU.

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