Put your Mathematics and Computer Science Skills into Practice

Classroom lectures aren’t enough to grasp how your degree will prepare you for the real world. Fortunately, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has several opportunities to put your new skills to the test.

Problem Solving
A group of MACS majors and professors meets weekly to tackle current problems taken from the pages of publications like The College Mathematics Journal, Mathematics Magazine, and The American Mathematical Monthly. Unlike problems you find in textbooks, these exercises use all of your mathematical knowledge to untangle the puzzle. Students have the opportunity to compete in statewide problem solving events each year at the Kansas meeting of the Mathematics Association of America.

Seminar in Mathematics
Learn about exciting new topics in mathematical research during weekly Seminar classes. As a mathematics major you must attend thirty seminar sessions before you graduate, but during this time you hear about interesting research advances, get to work on projects, and participate in faculty research. During your senior year, you will present your own paper or research project to your peers, honing your presentation skills.

Internships in Computer Science
Put your programming skills into practice with an internship. Specifically designed to give Computer Science majors an avenue to put theory into practice, students work with community organizations writing programs and managing databases, among many other tasks. Participating in an internship can show you how to put your degree to use before you begin the job search.

Apprenticeship in Mathematics
Ready to try your hand at teaching? The apprenticeship in mathematics class brings together several unique experiences to give you experience to apply in your own mathematics classroom. Prepare and present mini-mathematics lessons with your classmates. Help other students grasp mathematics concepts by spending one hour each week tutoring. Observe a middle-school or a high-school mathematics teacher and assist them in a real-world setting. Coupled with the time you spend student teaching, you will be ready to influence a new generation of mathematics students.

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