Management Information Systems Concentration (Online Only)

In today's organization, IT personnel and management must work together effectively to achieve goals. Offering the best of both worlds, this concentration provides you comprehensive business curriculum along with cutting-edge knowledge of computer hardware, software and data support.

  • MIS 602: Information Systems Design and Development¬†(3 hours)
    A study of analysis methods for the implementation of business applications on computers. Will include the analysis, design, and documentation required for efficient EDP application. Requisites: PR, CIS 101 and PERM.
  • ¬†MIS 640: Advanced Management Information Systems (3 hours)
    Information systems and interfaces for high-level users in advanced organizations (including design, selection, and implementation of systems) and control and managerial issues related to decision-support and expert systems.
  • ¬†An MIS or INT elective as approved (3 hours)