Management Information Systems Concentration (Online Only)

In today's organization, IT personnel and management must work together effectively to achieve goals. Offering the best of both worlds, this concentration provides you comprehensive business curriculum along with cutting-edge knowledge of computer hardware, software and data support.

  • MIS 602: Information Systems Design and Development (3 hours)
    A study of analysis methods for the implementation of business applications on computers. Will include the analysis, design, and documentation required for efficient EDP application. Requisites: PR, CIS 101 and PERM.
  • MIS 825: Business Intelligence Technology (3 hours)

    Choose one of the following
  •  INT 658: Law of Cyberspace
    This course is an in-depth examination of key legal issues central to the internet. This course examines internet operational issues such as copyright and fair use of images, text, video, and audio, domain name registration, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and ISP liability. It examines regulation of the internet and key criminal and civil rights issues such as email access, pornography, and hacking. It also examines important e-commerce concepts such as digital signatures, on-line contracts, and shrink-wrap contracts. 
  •  An MIS or INT elective as approved (3 hours)
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