Study Spanish or German

The ability to speak another language strengthens your ties to other cultures and makes you more marketable in jobs nation-wide as well as globally. If you want to prepare for a career that gives you access into other cultures or to share your love for languages as a future teacher, the Department of Modern Languages has a program to meet your goals.

The Department of Modern Languages offers one undergraduate degree program, two minor programs and two certificate programs.

Undergraduate Programs in Modern Languages

  Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish The relevance of the Spanish language in the United States today is indisputable. Spanish-speakers from a significant part of the population, both nationally and regionally. For many careers, as for example in the health- and service-sectors, bilingualism has become a highly-demanded skill.  Through course work, internships, and study abroad, our Spanish majors are prepared to enter a globalized workforce due to the linguistic and cultural competence attained at Fort Hays State University.

    Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish program of study.

Teacher Education - The Department of Modern Languages, in conjunction with the Department of Teacher Education, offers a dual-degree Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language (Spanish) and a Bachelor of Arts Teacher Education.

    To learn more about this option, visit the Department of Teacher Education.

Minor Programs

Our Minor programs in German or Spanish add linguistic and cultural skills and knowledge to nearly any major offered at Fort Hays State University. A minor consists of a minimum of 22 credit hours.  There is also a university Global Competencies Minor, toward which our departmental offerings form a key component.


Certificate Programs in Modern Languages

A certificate can enhance your degree by attesting to additional competency in a particular field. The Department of Modern Languages offers certificates in Spanish and German.  The university also offers a Study Abroad Certificate, based in large part on international opportunities found in the Department of Modern Languages.

Learn more about the course requirements for the Global Competencies Minor and Study Abroad Certificate.

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