Corporate Communications Concentration


Earning a degree in liberal studies provides you the opportunity to systematically explore a wide realm of knowledge and wisdom to help you better understand yourself, others and the world around you. Liberal studies focus on intellectual, social, and moral growth and helps foster your love of learning.

The online Corporate Communication graduate program is designed for experienced business professionals and for those in leadership positions. Graduates will have expertise to enter corporate communication to work in business, nonprofit, and governmental organizations.

Corporate Communication focuses on analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, writing skills, research, and analytics. These essential skills facilitate the development and implementation of effective communication strategies that advance an organization's goals and mission.

Additional Admissions Requirements:

Applicants must write a personal statement discussing their experiences, goals, and aspirations in Corporate Communications. Two letters of recommendation are required. A minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA is required.


IDS CORE (10 Hours)

● IDS 801 - Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies (1 hour)

● IDS 802 - Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective (3 hours)

● IDS 803 - Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society (3 hours)

● IDS 804 - Information Literacy (3 hours)


● BCOM 601 - Managerial Communication (3 hours)

● BCOM 673 - Problems in Business Communication (3 hours)

● BCOM 690 - Professional Development (3 hours)

● BCOM 692 - Managerial Presentations and Reports (3 hours)

● BCOM 695 - Corporate Communication (3 hours)

● Elective (3 hours selected from):

○ LDRS - Choice of LDRS course with advisor approval

○ COMM 606 Managing Conflict Through Communication

○COMM 642 Crisis Management


● BCOM 677 - Internship in Business Communication (3 hours)

Program Advisor/Contact:
Dr. Scott Jones, Department of Applied Business Studies

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