Concentration in Music

Students in this concentration must take the 10-hour core. For courses in the concentration, students may select from among the following courses:

MUS 604 Advanced Choral Conducting

MUS 605 Advanced Instrumental Conducting

MUS 611 Opera Production

MUS 612 Elementary School Music Methods

MUS 613 Advanced Elementary School Music Methods

MUS 614 General Music in the Junior High

MUS 615 Vocal Techniques and Materials

MUS 616 Piano Techniques and Materials

MUS 617 Pedagogy

MUS 661 Instrumental Arranging

MUS 663 Form and Analysis

MUS 665 Eighteenth Century Counterpoint

MUS 666 Composition I

MUS 670 Workshop

MUS 676 Apprenticeship in Music

MUS 677 Internship in Music

MUS 679 Topics in Music

MUS 683 Piano Literature

MUS 684 Organ Literature

MUS 685 Song Literature

MUS 670 Workshop

MUS 673 Seminar in Music

MUS 882 Composition II

MUS 883 Composition III

MUS 875 Final Seminar

MUS 899 Thesis

Once you have been admitted to this concentration, please follow the MLS Checklist and read The MLS Student Handbook.

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