Concentration in Public Administration

Program Description

The increasing scope and complexity of problems facing American society have placed substantial demands upon public and private sector leaders. It is a broad sentiment that our social institutions (and their leaders) have failed to provide the "good life". Our society is entering an era in which the traditional boundary between public, private and nonprofit sectors is becoming increasingly blurred. Thus, it is even more important that today's public administrator understand and work effectively within the context of these social changes. Public administrators require particular knowledge and skills to provide the highest standards of leadership in their communities, and the MLS in Public Administration provides those essential qualities.

Additional Admissions Requirements:

Applicants must earn a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on the last 60 undergraduate credit hours. The program has established these deadlines for priority application consideration:

- March 31
Spring - October 31

Program Curriculum

Every student is required to take the 10 hours of Core Classes. These include:

  • IDS 801 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies
  • IDS 802 Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective
  • IDS 803 Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society
  • IDS 804 Information Literacy

In addition, every student emphasizing in the Public Administration area should take 18 credit hours from the courses listed below, or other substitutions as deemed appropriate. The first three courses (POLS 611, POLS 612, and POLS 616) are required.

  • POLS 611 Policy Analysis
  • POLS 612 Administrative Process (available through distance education)
  • POLS 616 Public Personnel Management
  • INT 610 Public Policy, Law, and Ethics in Information Networking and Telecommunications
  • INT 658 Law of Cyberspace
  • COMM 606 Conflict Management Through Communication
  • COMM 611 Organizational Culture and Climate (may not be available)
  • COMM 640 Public Relations (may not be available)
  • COMM 810 Organizational Communication and Leadership
  • LDRS 802 Organizational Systems, Change and Leadership
  • LDRS 818 Seminar: Ethical Leadership
  • LDRS 600 Seminar: Supervisory Leadership
  • JUS 610 Criminal Justice Organizational Structures
  • POLS 620 Constitutional Law
  • POLS 672 Readings in Political Science
  • POLS 675 Seminar: Budgeting

Appropriate courses from other concentrations may also be included. Finally, every student shall take a 3 hour culminating experience (Apprenticeship, Internship, or Thesis).

Program Contact

Contact Dr. Larry Gould now to see if the Master of Liberal Studies concentration in public administration could be right for you. Once you have been admitted to this concentration, please follow the MLS Checklist and carefully read The MLS Student Handbook.

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