Academic Programs in Music and Theatre

Whether your interests lie in teaching or performing in front of a packed theater, the Department of Music has a program that’s sure to fit your needs. You have the ability to specialize your undergraduate studies in a particular area of interest with one of several concentrations. Additionally, you can enjoy the real-life experience you gain by participating in one of several ensembles open to you as a freshman.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of General Studies, Theatre Studies 

A degree in theatre gives you the education and opportunity to excel on stage. Develop your talents in acting, directing, costuming, stage design and theatre management. Select from a broad range of courses are offered in acting, directing, stagecraft, and dramatic literature, preparing you to pursue the kind of creative career you want. The Bachelor of General Studies degree program allows you considerable flexibility in tailoring a course of study to meet your goals and suit your interests.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education 

If teaching others is your forte, a degree in Music Education is right for you. With this degree, you can begin your journey of life-long learning as you develop skills to become a future educator. You can take your Music Education and specialize in several different areas such as: 

  • Woodwind
  • Strings
  • Brass
  • Elementary/General
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Voice

Bachelor of Music in Performance

Imagine you are on a stage, performing Beethoven's 9th Symphony for a crowd of eager listeners, or singing the final aria in your favorite opera.  If the art and thrill of performing appeal to you, a Bachelor of Music in Performance could be the degree you're looking for.  This area of study prepares you to become a professional performer, to pursue graduate studies or both. Performance majors can specialize in:   

  • Wind
  • Brass
  • Percussion
  • Strings
  • Piano
  • Voice

Bachelor of Music in Composition 

Ever wanted to write your own music, or aspire to continue your education in graduate school? A Bachelor of Music in Composition will put you on the road to success in creativity.

Bachelor of Arts in Music 

Interested in all aspects in music and want to study several different avenues of it? The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is designed to educate and train you as a well-rounded musician through integrated degree program in which music is the central emphasis.  This degree option allows you to develop practical, innovative, creative, and synthesizing abilities that give you the edge to pursue a variety of careers and/or graduate programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Music: Music Technology

If you want to make your home in a recording studio, or you dream of working in the music industry, consider a Bachelor of Arts in Music:  Music Technology. With this degree, you can learn to produce commercial and popular music, and enhance your love of technology. FHSU is the only school in western Kansas to offer this degree.

Minors in Music, Music Technology and Theatre 

Want to experience all that the Department of Music and Theatre offers while earning a different degree? A minor in Music (20 credit hours), Music Technology (21 credit hours) or Theatre gives you a relevant course of study and experience without all the classes required for a major.

Graduate Program

Master of Liberal Studies, concentration in Music

If advancing your education in music interests you, consider our Master of Liberal Studies degree in Music. The MLS degree is designed for the non-traditional student seeking career enhancement or life enrichment through graduate liberal study. The MLS offers many students an opportunity to complete a graduate degree they would not be able to otherwise receive, and it’s offered completely online.

     For more information about this program, visit the Master of Liberal Studies  and the Graduate School Web sites.

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