Executive Division

Office of the President

At the top of the administrative pyramid at Fort Hays State University is the president, who, as the chief executive officer, reports to the Kansas Board of Regents, which governs the state's six state universities. The president and his staff are responsible for the executive functions of administration, budget and organizational maintenance. The president is ultimately responsible for the overall health of the university and its success in performing its mission of educating students.

In addition to serving as a vital link between the state's administrative structure and the faculty, staff and student body of the university, the President's Office performs many different functions, playing key roles in setting the tone for the institution's internal relationships and serving as the university's most public face in the interaction with alumni, friends, donors and the community of Hays and the state of Kansas.  Also, working with the Provost's Office and the faculty, the President's Office protects and nurtures the educational mission of the university, especially serving as a guardian of academic rigor.

The office is not only administrative, it serves to support, develop, promote and publicize initiatives and programs arising out of the diverse university community. The various facets of the President's Office are, in essence, chief executive and chief cheerleader, organizer, promoter and salesman, responsible for informing the institution's public about and seeking support for the university as it goes about the task of educating students for the future of the state and nation.

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